EE To Bring 5G To The General Public

EE To Bring 5G To The General Public


The public will use the 5G network as an alternative to fixed broadband in EE’s latest 5G test

Network giant EE, will be the one of the first networks to commercially launch 5G in the UK, after conducting commercial 5G trials across Chanary Warf, last month and the East London area on the 7th November. The beauty of the trial is the general public can also test the new 5G speeds.

It is the first time an network operator has offered regular public consumers the opportunity to take part on a trial.

At present, the trial is currently being rolled out in selected areas with the 5G, being used in place of a regular broadband connection. There is no current trial for 5G on mobiles underway at this time. This functionality is currently in testing at network test labs.

BT Group chief technology and information officer Howard Watson said: “Deploying this brand new layer of our EE mobile network is far from straightforward, and this trial has helped us to understand – and learn how to overcome – the significant challenges that we’ll face in the coming years. We’re also learning about the coverage we can achieve with 5G New Radio on our new 3.4GHz spectrum, both indoors and in densely cluttered streets.”

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